What is a Villa

What is a Villa? Difference Between a Condos and Townhouse

When searching for a place to rent, buy or for investment purposes, you might get to hear different terms depending on the building structure. Though, it is easier to differentiate between a single-family home and an attached home but what is a villa? Don’t get confused. We got you covered. Let’s dissect the term and talk about its origin and what amenities it has. 

When it comes to origin, the term Villa dates back to Roman Empire. The accurate name for a villa is Roman Villa. Back then, Roman Villa was occupied by upper-class Romans. They had the amenities like elaborate pools, gardens, storage warehouses and wine-pressing facilities. Mostly Roman villas were situated in urban centers for easy access. While others that were located in remoter areas served as vacation homes in hot summers.

In today’s world, a villa is a one-structure building offering luxurious amenities and an upscale lifestyle. Villas have a distinct design, including large rooms, extensive lawns, heated floors, gourmet kitchens, and vaulted ceilings.  Villas are located based on the preference of the owner. For example, these may be located in suburbs rather than urban centers. However, some may be found near natural attractions with shared amenities and entertainment. 

What are the Characteristics of Villas?

An architecture which offers privacy, freedom, exotic nature and landscapes is called a villa. The other characteristics of villas include following:

Large in Size

Villas are usually large in size, contain spacious rooms and extensive living rooms, and might also have multiple floors.

Provide Luxury and Comfort

Villas are designed to provide luxury and comfort. They appear to have high-end finishes and luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, home theaters and gyms.

Characteristics of Villas

Privacy and Seclusion

Villas are designed to provide a sense of security to their residents in several ways. For example, they are located in gated communities and provide no access to outsiders. Large windows are fitted with blinds or curtains to avoid unwanted attention.

A separate area for living, sleeping and dining in each room provides maximum privacy. The seclusion and security is often the key attraction for people to choose a villa.


Villas are situated in a privileged location. They can be either in a remote place or in the middle of the city. When located in a remote place, they provide privacy and can be used for vacations in the summer. In contrast, villas in city centres provide you with the privilege of shared amenities.

What are Different Types Of Villas?

Villas can be of various types. They vary in their unique architecture and design style. Here are the different types of villas:

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean villas are a mixture of Spanish and Italian architecture. They are usually found in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. 

Modern Villas

These villas are popular due to their sleek and minimalistic design. They are characterized by their large windows and clean lines. Modern villas are known to feature innovative materials like glass and steel.

Traditional Villas

Villas reflecting traditional styles of architecture fall in this category and mostly represent the colonial and Victorian styles of architecture. They incorporate detailed woodwork and traditional materials like brick and stone.

Contemporary Villas  

They are a blend of a modern and classic style of architecture style. Contemporary villas are known to have traditional building materials like stone and wood but have modern-style finishes and accents.

Vacation Villas

Vacation villas are exclusive for staying during vacation or holiday living. They are situated in scenic areas and provide state-of-the-art amenities like swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and home theaters. 

What is a Villa Vs Condos?

The difference between villas and condos is that a villa is usually built to cater for a single-family and provide more privacy, while condos are usually designed to house multiple families. 

Moreover, the villas are primarily located in secluded areas, while condos are built in densely populated areas. In the matter of condos, the owner shares the ownership of a single unit with other residents, while in the case of a Villa, the owner has complete ownership.

Difference Between a Villa and House

A significant difference between a villa and a house is their locality. People choosing Villas have the demand for privacy, so they are constructed in exclusive areas that are far from the crowd. A house is build can be built on any type of land, regardless of locality. You may also read difference between Serviced Apartments Vs Hotels

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What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse?

A condo and a townhouse differ in ownership, amenities, maintenance, and fees. A person owning the townhouse also owns the land it is built on, while a person owning condos only owns the single-unit. Moreover, if you choose to have condos, you have to compromise on shared amenities, while a townhouse usually has private outdoor areas. 


An apartment that is built to resemble a villa is called a villa apartment. They are usually constructed in low-rise buildings. They are more spacious than a standard apartment and give an impression of a villa. 

In real estate terms, a villa is a single-family luxurious home that offers spacious and comfortable living. Large windows, high ceilings and open floor plans are essential characteristics of a villa.


If you are at a point where you need to decide on the building design for your next purchase or investment. You’d come across a number of different options, including a villa. So, you might wonder what is a villa. 

A villa is a single-family home with exclusive amenities, offering space, comfort and privacy. They are built in desirable locations such as in the countryside, on beaches or near mountains. Villas have different types that vary in their architectural style. 

The sobriety of design, use of premium materials, and sleek architectural style are just a few of the characteristics that differentiate villas from other building designs. Moreover, Instead of using Villas as a primary residences, they are more likely to be vacation properties.

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