Serviced Apartments Vs Hotels

Benefits of Serviced Apartments Vs Hotels: A Decision Made Easy

Confused about booking serviced apartments vs hotels for your next corporate trip or vacation? But one thing is for sure you want your trip stress-free and with no travel fatigue.

Below are the benefits of serviced apartments vs hotels that would help you to put an end to this debate and reach a conclusive opinion. But before we delve into the apartment vs hotel debate, you might wonder what a serviced apartment is and how it is different from a hotel.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

A serviced apartment is a type of well-furnished apartment that includes a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They offer temporary accommodation for your short/long stay away from home. They are well-equipped for comfortable living and mirror your home to give you a homely feel.

Benefits of Serviced Apartments vs Hotels

Let me lift the curtain from the the major benefits associated with renting serviced apartments, so let’s get started one by one with each. Before going into discussion, you can also check difference between Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartment

A Roomy Living Space

Serviced apartments are spacious and have independent space to relax, work, cook, and sleep. This gives you the flexibility to live your own way. You cook in the kitchen, watch TV in the living room, work at a workstation with a table and desk, and get to have a peaceful sleep in the bedroom. This feeling of home away from home is truly one of the major benefits of serviced apartments.

A serviced apartment is twofold the size of a hotel room with far less rent than that of a hotel accommodation. They’re not designed to accommodate one individual only but can cater to an entire family or a larger number of colleagues.

A small room in the hotel may feel like a cage where you have limited movement and got nothing to do except gaze at the TV. It all starts feeling dull and gloomy and eventually leaves you with compromised productivity.

To address this concern, some service apartments provide additional spaces like game areas for guests. Additionally, this extra space can also be used for your hobby and storing your gear! For example, if you’re into meditation or a fitness enthusiast, you can bring your Yoga mat or a bicycle to roam around.

Sustainable Way of Travelling

Serviced apartments are the best choice for extended stays. You commute less back and forth, which reduces your contribution to the potential global warming.

A family staying in one apartment or a group of colleagues together in the apartment would reduce the usage of electricity compared to living in different hotel rooms.

A Fully Furnished Kitchen

A furnished serviced apartment includes a kitchen that’s well-equipped for cooking. It has built-in electrical appliances (stove, microwave, toaster, and dishwasher) and all the necessities for a comfortable and convenient cooking experience.

 The freedom to cook whenever and whatever you want to eat is the icing on the cake. With this, you not only continue your healthy habit/routine, but it also downsizes the cost of eating out.

Hotel-like Amenities

Staying in serviced apartments offers you a choice of amenities as provided in hotels, including staffed service, maintenance, cleaning, ironing, and dry cleaning. They may also come with amenities like a lobby, lounge, terrace, and pool. In short, you can enjoy apartments like hotels.


Unlike hotels, serviced apartments provide once-a-week housekeeping service instead of daily. This less intrusion by housekeeping staff gives you a sense of privacy while maintaining a clean apartment as well.


A serviced accommodation helps you save your money in many different ways. To begin with, they are not as expensive as some hotels, making them an excellent choice for longer stays. The internet service is provided with separate charges in a hotel, while it is a part of the package in a serviced apartment with no extra cost. You may also check the video to clarify more about serviced apartments and hotels.

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A kitchen with all the utensils and appliances allows you to prepare your food and skip the restaurants that not only prove to be healthy but economical too. Moreover, if you plan to stay for a longer period, you get to have discounted rates as opposed to fixed rates of hotels that are charged per night.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments offer better value for money. You get to stay for a longer period of time without costing you an arm and a leg. Not only this, they can cater to a whole family or even a group of colleagues under the same roof.

Serviced Apartments

The serviced apartment providers pay attention to details by hiring an interior designer to make your experience wholesome and enjoyable. Hotels are only preferred when you have a very short stay.


Choosing serviced apartments vs hotels will definitely cost you less. When in a hotel, you rely on dining out or room service for your food but renting a serviced apartment allows you to grocery shop and prepare your meals which surely is a cheaper option. Moreover, unlike hotels, serviced apartments are available at lower rates and are cost-effective for a longer stay.

You can rent a serviced apartment for a period of one month or even more. The exceptional quality of renting a serviced apartment is their cheaper rates allowing you to stay for an extended period without worrying about budget mismanagement.


To sum it up, choosing serviced apartments vs hotels save you from extravagance and yet provides you with all the facilities you enjoy at your home. A separate space for each activity maximizes your productivity and causes almost no routine disruption. Because being fatigued and less productive is the last thing one wants to be when on a business trip.

Even if you’re on vacation with the family, serviced apartments permit all the family members to relax and enjoy all together. The bottom line is that getting all the facilities you have at home without giving in all the money is worth the deal because, at the end of the day, saving money is as worthwhile as earning it.

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