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Things to consider While Choosing a Real Estate Company in Lebanon

Are you planning to sell or buy a house? This can be a challenging task, and you need to contact the right team that can serve you with the best possible offers. An honest, trustworthy, and passionate team can help you put this process on autopilot without requiring your constant attention. 

This article addresses the concern of choosing the right real estate company in Lebanon and would help you to select one of the best real estate companies in Beirut as well. Since not all companies are equally active so, pick the one that is going to work to protect your interests. 

Here are the must-have things that qualify a real estate company in Lebanon to make it a reliable choice for you. 

Advertising skills 

The marketing skillfulness of a Real Estate Company is one of the most important abilities to consider. You need to see what kind of audience they are targeting. This can be judged by the placement of their advertisement and how often do they advertise. 

Some agents only use the option of open housing to list the house for sale in Lebanon, which is not considered a good way. Having an open house every other weekend might be an indication of the agent leveraging your listing to gain potential buyers for other offers. However, booking an appointment at the request of a potential buyer can be considered. Moreover, go for an agent who advertises not only on digital platforms but also through print media.


When it comes to investing in Lebanon, make sure you choose a company that you trust. A company’s past performance in relevant sales can help you evaluate its expertise and build trust. You can ask the company for a list of their previous sales. If they try to convince you that they sale based on word of mouth, this would give you a subtle impression that the company is not so active.

You can also read reviews on their website and social media profiles. Ask your friends or family members if they have made any purchase/sale through the company in question or if they could recommend you some other company based on their experience.  In this regard, BeiTeck Company’s launch was featured on Yahoo! Finance and was appreciated for its transparency and unique services they are providing.

Relevant Sales

There might be some companies that are experienced in specific niches. They are considered dominant in their respective specialty in the market and have an audience that targets their specific interests.

You need to choose the one that addresses your type of houses/ chelates for sale in Lebanon. For example, whether you want to contact a company specializing in a waterfront or a riverfront.

Hand-holding or Open Communication?

You surely don’t want to hire an agent that is going to hold your hand throughout the process or call you constantly but also not the one who is not available to address your concerns. Choose the one that will keep you informed and updated throughout the process and is easy to reach out to.

A strong negotiation and excellent communication skills are the must haves for an agent dealing with you to get you the best deal.

Verify the Licensing and Certification

An agent to work in Lebanon must have proper licensing and certification. Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA) and the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (REAL) keep the record for operating companies and can help you verify their credentials. Once verified, this will give you a confidence that the agent is qualified and capable of handling your transactions professionally, putting your doubts and fears to rest.

Discuss Fee and Commission Rates

Prior to making an agreement with the company, an important step in real estate in Lebanon is discussing fees and commissions. It helps you understand the cost involved and make knowledgeable decisions about how to proceed further. A well-informed and experienced agent can help you grab the best deal with minimum expenses.


The buying prices have faced a historic dip but are definitely expected to rise in the coming few years. In fact, there are reports that the prices have started going up again in the last couple of months.

In Lebanon, the economy has been experiencing downfalls for the last couple of years, but this is not how it is going to stay for long. Now the prices are low, and it is definitely a good time to invest in real estate. If you have plans for investment and have found a property that matches your interest, you shouldn’t take long to buy.

Yes, foreigners are allowed to get ownership of real estate in Lebanon. Although, there are some restrictions regarding ownership, like not exceeding 3% of its total area. Just make sure that you choose a trustworthy real estate company in Lebanon to make a deal for you.


Choosing the right real estate company in Lebanon can be a tedious task. You need to look out for a number of things, including their marketing skills, their track record of sales, certification, communication skills, and their niche. Don’t shy away from asking about their reviews and referrals from your friends and family because this can save you from getting into big trouble.

The real estate market in Lebanon is huge and diversified, so that the prices may vary widely depending on your location. However, do not ignore your gut instinct. If something feels off about an agent or doesn’t feel comfortable with, it’s alright to keep looking for another one. For carrying out a significant financial transaction, you need to choose a Real estate company in Lebanon that you can trust.

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