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Why Should You Get An Office for Rent?

In today’s world, where working from home is the latest trend, you can’t deny the importance of having a physical space as your office. An office speaks for your professionalism and reflects your business and commitment to work. The professional setup maintains a work environment for you and your team that maximizes productivity.

However, buying an office is a challenging task for startups mainly because it can be uneconomical. This is where having an office for rent comes to the rescue. This saves small businesses and freelancers from going bankrupt, especially when the future of business is uncertain.

What Are the Benefits of Office for Rent?

Renting an office comes with several benefits, including a professional image, access to amenities, and increased productivity. Let’s discuss in detail some of the perks that accompany when getting an office for rent.


Purchasing a building for your office can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you just started your business and have no capital to invest. The low, upfront costs, shared amenities, and no maintenance cost provide you an opportunity to grow without taking the risk of loss when you already have limited financial resources.


The location of an office impacts the business in many ways, for example, the accessibility of clients and the job satisfaction of your employees. Additionally, having an office at a high-end location would build repute in the market and is a sign of owning a legitimate business.


Distractions just make you spin your wheels without getting the desired results. Having no proper working station or when working from home can make you unable to concentrate, and you lose focus.

On the other hand, if you’ve a dedicated office setup for you and your team, it provides a distraction-free environment that boosts productivity.

Flexible Lease Terms

When finalizing the rental agreement, you can choose to have lease terms that are accommodating to your business needs. Flexible lease terms allow you to opt for the plan that would cost you a minimum penalty if you break the agreement. This is important for an initiative whose future is uncertain and when there are chances of relocating the business.


An exceptional thing about renting an office is the flexibility you get. The size and location of the building can be chosen depending on the requirement of the business. Also, if you decide to expand your business, it is easier to move from a rented building to meet the demands of your growing venture.


Renting a space for your office provides you a chance to collaborate with other industries or related companies in the same building.

Since you build relationships with other businesses, networking might introduce you to new opportunities which otherwise would remain undiscovered.

No taxation Filing

If you own a place, you are fully responsible for paying the property taxes and return filing, which can be an arduous task. Since you don’t own the building, you skip the role where you have to fill out a limitless number of forms making income tax returns simpler for you.

The benefits of an office for rent in Lebanon would include access to the international market due to its central location in the Middle East, which is considered a business hub if you want to expand your business across the region.

Renting office space in Lebanon will provide you with a professional environment and amenities. 

Things to Consider While Renting Office Space

Renting an office space can be tricky, but once you have a place that meets your requirements, it can help your business flourish. The following are the points to ponder before you book an office for rent.

Benefits of renting an office


A startup usually doesn’t have enough cash flow, and the priority is to invest in different aspects of the business. In this scenario, you need to choose an affordable place considering your budget. However, you can always outgrow your office setup once your business starts thriving.

Prime Location

An office at the right location would help your business flourish. Choose a desirable location that can increase customer foot traffic, attract talented employees, and is capable of retaining the employees.

On the other hand, a poor location can leave a bad impact on the business because it would be difficult for you to hire and retain staff, resulting in reduced productivity.

Landlord’s Reputation

A flexible lease term and negotiable agreement are only expected from a landlord that is responsible and has a good reputation. A professional landlord is concerned and responsive to the needs of the tenants.

Before making a lease agreement, make sure a landlord is a reliable person because your relationship with them is far more important than the asset itself.

High-profile Image

Getting an office for rent at a premium location would contribute to building a high-profile reputation in the market. The increased visibility attracts clients and leads to potential partnerships and beneficial connections that make your business a success.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an Office?

A rented office can vary in cost depending on its size, location, and the amenities that it has to offer. Generally, office rent is quoted per square foot per month. The average rental rate is around 3,000 – 3,500 USD/month. However, in prime locations, the rent can exceed approximately 5,500 USD/month.


Office rent in Lebanon varies with the type of office you choose to have. A serviced apartment would cost you around 500$ per month. Virtual office space on rent is available for $80 / month. However, you can also rent a meeting room that’d usually cost you $25 / hour.

A fully furnished office space in a prime location can cost you around 5,000 USD per month. This covers the facility of printing and high-speed internet.

The budget for renting office space depends on several factors: size, location, and amenities.


Finding an office for rent is a challenging task but can be a fruitful investment for your business in the long run. A proper office setup can give a professional image to your business and boost productivity. Moreover, an office space with a flexible lease term proves to be cost-effective and provides flexibility and an opportunity to make collaborations with other businesses. 


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